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Universal Basic Income
for Humanity

UBI šŸ’§ is a cryptocurrency that streams to verified humans on Ethereum.
Verify as Human
Trusted by leading DAOs

UBIĀ Ecosystem

It's very easy to build decentralized applications that burn šŸ”„ UBIĀ tokens.

UBIĀ Burner

Connect your smart contract to the UBIĀ Burner and make Dapps that make Universal Basic Income a reality. Top burners get ranked on the leaderboard.
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Check Prode.eth, a decentralized sport bets marketplace that allocates 3%Ā of the prize pool to buy and burn UBIĀ tokens using the UBIĀ burner.
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Join the governance forum.

Propose your ideas to the community.

In our governance forum you can propose ideas to improve UBIĀ and engage with other users to build a marketplace.
Check the governance forum
Vote the best proposals.

Vote on the DAO.

UBI as a governance token uses Quadratic Voting to mitigate the influence of whales.

Snapshot Voting

Voting costs zero gas and is enforced using a Kleros Governor smart contract.
Snapshot Governor

ā€œAutomation will cause rising inequality so we should consider UBIā€

Vitalik Buterin
Ethereum Founder &Ā UBIĀ Whale
The day Vitalik burned 50 ETH worth of UBI
"UBIĀ is the first token that can stream itself and save gas to users"
Santiago Siri - DemocracyĀ Earth Founder
"The work of the UBIĀ Vaults will someday win the Nobel Prize in Economics."
Federico Ast - Kleros CEO
ā€œUBI should be a stream of funds no one controls, it just happens.ā€
Pia Mancini - OpenĀ Collective CEO
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Ending Poverty.

UBIĀ helps to level up the playing field for everyone in the world.


It doesn't matter where you were born. UBIĀ can be accessed everywhere.

Humanity First

No legal documents or identifiable information is required.


Our DAOĀ uses Quadratic Voting to mitigate the influence of whales.

Open Source

Developed in the open by a legendary team of developers.
The UBIĀ Burning Vaults

Burn šŸ”„ UBIĀ with the defi yield of your ETH.

The integration of UBIĀ with Yearn Finance allows to use the generated yield to burn UBI while you make a profit.
Top UBI holders on Etherscan

No one left behind.

UBIĀ cannot be censored by governments and is accessible to every human in the world.

Built with Ethereum

UBI is an ERC20 token can can be composed with every Ethereum smart contract.

Democratic Governance

UBI uses Quadratic Voting to mitigate the disproportionate influence of whales.

Censorship Resistant

Neither dictatorships nor large corporations can stop people from receiving their UBI.

Real TimeĀ Money

Ethereum compatible wallets can update your UBIĀ balance in real time.

Web3 Compatible

UBIĀ is expanding towards Layer 2 networks, making it more efficient to transact and use.

Open Source

Built by independent developers free from legacy organizations.

Join the Universal Basic Income movement today!

UBIĀ works without the need of governments and legacy organizations.
ERC-20 compatible token
Gasless accrual in Real Time
Sybil resistant issuance
Extensible architecture
Built by indie developers
Multipurpose theme, build with it whatever you like!
3 Unique landing pages
Figma file available with purchase
Multipurpose theme, build with it whatever you like!
3 Unique landing pages
Figma file available with purchase
Multipurpose theme, build with it whatever you like!